Case Study on Homes for Haringey

Making Lives Easier for Estate Services

Homes for Haringey opted into the Love My Housing reporting system in 2014, choosing to brand its system ‘Our Estates’. Homes for Haringey wanted to use the mobile-working application for staff to report issues more efficiently on their estates.

Their IT team aimed to use the technology to drive up customer satisfaction for estate residents, while saving costs and collecting more accurate data on communal repairs.

Pete Davey, Head of IT at Homes for Haringey, said: “Using the app internally has proved a huge success with our estate service officers and customers.

We have seen customer satisfaction increase and our credibility as an organisation soar, particularly in relation to leaseholders who see it as a more efficient way of reporting issues.

“Duplication of work is avoided because of the speed of the system. Previous paper-based reporting could have taken a week or so before being attended to and in the meantime other reports regarding the same issue could have been made.”

“Estate officers say they can do a lot more with their day because they now don’t have to phone in to report issues and a positive by product is that the phone lines which serve both the staff and the public are now clear for our customers use.”

“At the back end, things have improved too. The accuracy of the data is valuable, particularly the picture which is used to identify faults and this system avoids the potential issue of an incorrect object being repaired over and over again.”

“It is also a profoundly different way to treat our staff. They have been given a smartphone and played a vital part in developing the service we now offer. The consensus is that they feel they have been listened to and this has significantly increased morale, which makes a big difference to everyone.”

Direct Quotes

“The app is the number one success of the year!”

Astrid Kjellberg-Obst, Executive Director at Homes for Haringey

“The new app makes my job easier. I spend a lot less time waiting for updates phoning the contact centre.”

Derrick Mowatt, Estate Service Officer at Homes for Haringey