Love My Housing is a simple application which is used internally to report environmental issues and communal or internal repairs by your staff or residents.
Love My Housing can be fully branded to fit in with your marketing, making the product individual to you.
Integrating Love My Housing into any back office system can be simple and effective, saving you money in both the short and long-term, and eliminating duplication of work.

How it works

How it works

Enables issues to be quickly and accurately reported, including the location, a description and pictures or video of the issue.

Gives estate officers better information to work with so they can manage their time more effectively.

Gives reports that are more accurate and detailed, and in many cases can be evaluated and responded to without the need to send anyone to the location first.

Allows residents to receive a quick and informed response to their report and they can track progress towards resolution.


Increase customer satisfaction

Thanks to an easier mechanism to report issues, faster resolution and visibility of completed work.


Reduce costs

Reduce costs through more accurate reporting and tracking processes, including faster and more efficient responses. This reduces demands on estate officers’ time.


Create more efficient estate officers

Create more efficient estate officers who spend less time identifying and evaluating reported issues, freeing up time to deal with other priorities.


Local requirements

Collect data which can be configured to suit your local requirements.



Be integrated into back office systems, making further cost savings by eliminating duplication of effort.


Gather information

Gather information from submitted reports which can be directed to any system or partner agency based upon the categorisation of that information. This ensures all relevant parties are quickly informed of matters concerning them.