The story of Love My Housing

Love My Housing has been developed with your estate officers in mind, helping to make their job more simple and cost effective. It can also be used by residents to report their housing issues directly to the people who need to know.

What is Love My Housing all about?

Love My Housing is a smart app and cloud service designed to support busy estate officers in managing and reporting on environmental issues, repairs and renewals across all the properties in their control.

It is a simple and effective solution proven to significantly increase both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Residents can also use the application to report issues in their estate and their home, which will go directly to their housing authority.

Love My Housing…

  • one

    Enables issues to be quickly and accurately reported, including the location, a description and pictures or video of the issue.

  • two

    Gives reports that are more accurate and detailed, and in many cases can be evaluated and responded to without the need to send anyone to the location first.

  • three

    Gives estate officers better information to work with so they can manage their time more effectively.

  • four

    Allows residents to receive a quick and informed response to their report and they can track progress towards resolution.

  • five

    Engages and empowers estate officers, cutting their workload and increasing their job satisfaction.